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Prices for our services depend on several factors: academic degree, urgency, number of pages and additional features you may request along with your paper. The minimal prices for papers of various degrees are the following:

  • High School – $10 per page
  • College – $12 per page
  • University – $18 per page
  • PhD – $20 per page

Please, mind that these are the prices for papers with maximally long deadlines. The shorter the deadline, the higher the price! So order your papers ahead and save your dollars.

Categories of writers

  • Regular writer

Hiring one of the available writers from our team doesn’t have any extra fees.

  • Advanced writer

You can hire an advanced English-speaking writer, who has a degree in your sphere of knowledge.

  • Top writer

If you want to hire one of our best writers with the highest ratings, perfect English and professional knowledge, you should request a top expert.


Not only we have low prices, but also discounts! Here they are:

  • 5% off for an order that costs more than $500
  • 10% off for an order that costs more than $1000

Please mind that you have to contact our Customer Support team to get a discount if your paper costs more than $500 or $1000.

Also, you can use a discount if you have a promo code received via email. You can use it if your order costs more than $30. The discounts cannot be multiplied. Also, neither discounts not extras are applicable to refunds.

Your first order will get a discount, so don’t forget to use your coupon code. The codes are available for all customers and you can find them on the main page of our site.

Extra services

  • Plagiarism report – $9.99

You can ask for a document that proves the originality of your paper.

  • Preferred writer – $14.99

You can pay an additional fee to request your previous writer. The fee can change if your favorite writers is one of Top or Advanced experts. Also, if your order has a short deadline (less than 24 hours), extra fee will be charged.

  • Sources – $4.99 per one

You can request used sources in a form of documents and links.

  • VIP Support – $14.99

Our Customer Support team will treat your order as the first priority and answer your request faster than the rest.

  • Abstract page

If you need your writer to compose a short overview of your paper, you can request an abstract.

  • Outline – $9.99

A well-organized list of parts and chapters present in your paper.

  • Double check – $14.99

Ask our editors to proofread your paper if needed.

  • Charts and graphics – $9.99

Your writer can create tables, graphs, and charts to present the information in a more comprehensible way.

If you have any questions about prices, discounts, writers, or special offers, you can contact our Customer Support team at any time. We are available 24/7 for your questions and requests.